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Jürg Stuker
Lady sitting at an outside table of a restaurant shop drinking a coffee. Looking with an unhappy face into the world.

When You're Smiling

When You're Smiling

A young teenager riding a skate on the road in front of Zurich main station.

Riding the Day

Riding the Day

Worship the mobile Laptop Mount. Man kneeling behind his bicycle and using a laptop standing on the carrier. The scene is an underground train station with lots

Worship the mobile Laptop Mount by Jürg Stuker / 500px

Worship the mobile Laptop Mount

Walrus Mustache Walrus Mustache, Street Pictures
Street Pictures

Walrus Mustache by Jürg Stuker / 500px

Walrus Mustache

Man on the bench of a bus stop bending over to scratch his lottery card. He is wearing sneakers, headphones and a small umbrella ist lying in front of him.

Yoga Pose Inventor by Jürg Stuker / 500px

Yoga Pose Inventor

Even more mobile Office - null Street Pictures, Mobile Office

Even more mobile Office

Even more mobile Office - null

Crouch Down Business - null Street Pictures, Business, Fictional Characters, Store, Fantasy Characters, Business Illustration
Street PicturesBusinessBusiness Illustration


Crouch Down Business

Railbar steward on the train from Zurich to Milano looking suspiciously, wearing his spectacles on his forefront.

What did Alex just order?

What did Alex just order?

Man drinking his coffee at the bar of Belcafé in Zurich. On the counter lies a book with the title: "Bribery and Corruption"

Reading in Zurich

Zurich Gnomes and their Reading

A man sitting on a bench beneath a tree reading a book.

Tranquil Reader

Tranquil Reader

Is Your Poodle Driving You Crazy? Dog Secrets: The Fastest Way To Your Dream Poodle! Street Pictures, Man Sitting, Free Dogs, Crazy Dog, Dogs And Puppies, Dreaming Of You, Dog Lovers, Profile, Photos

Dog choosen by Profile

Dog choosen by profile

A young couple ordering food at a vending machine in front of a McDonalds shop in the Berne train station. Street Pictures, Young Couples, My Girl, Fictional Characters, Fantasy Characters
Street PicturesMy Girl

Don't snap my Girl

Don't snap my girl

Man reading the paper sitting on the back seat of a tramway in Zurich. Street Pictures, Zurich, Reading, News, Word Reading, Reading Books, Libros
Street PicturesReadingNewsLibros

Seemingly astonishing News

Seemingly astonishing News

A man standing at the traffic light with an empty food tray in his hand. Street Pictures, Man Standing, Couple Photos, Couple Pics

The Last Bite

The Last Bite

Flight attendant looking out of a door on a Airbus 320 with a label "remove before flight"attached.

I thought She should stay by Jürg Stuker / 500px

I thought She should stay

Boy kneeling down in front of a public fountain and drinking water out of his two hands forming a bowl.