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Creative folding techniques to save space!
Amazing Sewing Hacks 😍
Clever folding hacks!
the best scientific books of 2013
The Best Science Books of the Year
Looking for a compelling read that will also make you smarter? These great, scientific nonfiction books will open your mind to so many new subjects.
Creative Ways of Tying Ropes!
three containers with different colored ribbons in them
16 Great Ways To Repurpose Items In Your Home | CutesyPooh
a white sewing machine sitting on top of a table
Fabric Baskets–easy to make - Mache El Selbst - Do it Your Own - 2018
Fabric Baskets--easy to make #baskets #fabric,
a couch that has been cleaned with a red arrow pointing to the left side and an image of a cat laying on it
Skúsili sme tep aj sódu, no zabralo len toto: Za minútku vyrobená zmes takto vytiahla špinu z 15 rokov starého gauča!
Perfektná vec, ak ste skúšali už všetko možné, ale na škvrny na guči a na sedačkách v aute vám nič nezaberalo. Toto je domáci prípravok, ktorý mi poradila moja sestra a naozaj funguje
Seed Starter Gift Kit
Pack bahçe jardinier
the steps to make a stuffed animal made out of socks
DIY niedliches Socken-Kätzchen #craft - Diy Projects Cool
an image of two water tanks labeled in english and spanish on a wooden pallet
Rain Harvesting: How To Store & Filter Rainwater
Cadettes earning their LIA (Leader in Action) award might want to help Brownies who are doing the WOW! Wonders of Water program by teaming up to make this 2-trashcan rain barrel. It can be used to collect the water that runs off the roof of a house, school or community center. The water can then be used to water a lawn or garden, fill a birdbath, or offer a drink to animals.
DIY! 😍