Guys like you have no idea how accurate this is.....its scary!

i even say "what if one direction walked in right now" lol everyone yells at me;

I  am   apart of that 10%

I'm not even sure if i'VE seen a whole movie of harry potter! I know people who watch it and will laugh about their jokes for it and I'm like what the heck does that mean! Harry Styles all the time!

Im literally crying... But, this is so true.... ♥ *breathes heavily, and keeps crying...*

This made me cry! I will always be a Directioner no matter what! If you are a directioner you have GOT to read this ♥ because fandoms never die.We will never die.We will go down in history with the boys as directioners.

It honestly annoys me when they think all 1D fans are 12....most of us are 14+ I think. Well I am 17

I dont hate on the 12 year olds. I was a 12 year old directioner once.

I am!!! :D

I am because I live in a small town and I know every one I am not overexazerating at all! Any way I am the biggest directioner in Billerica!

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