Guys like you have no idea how accurate this is.....its scary!

So accurate. Like today I was in math and I tuned my teacher out by thinking about and then he asked me what the slope of number 4 was and I was like "what?, one direction.

I  am   apart of that 10%

It 2016 people it's Harry styles and Harry Potter being grandma's who don't know 1 D not rly I’m a potterhead AND directioner

Im literally crying... But, this is so true.... ♥ *breathes heavily, and keeps crying...*

Im literally crying. But, this is so true. ♥ *breathes heavily, and keeps crying.

It honestly annoys me when they think all 1D fans are 12....most of us are 14+ I think. Well I am 17

I dont hate on the 12 year olds. I was a 12 year old directioner once.

I am!!! :D

I am the biggest Directioner in my school as well! I was the only one who supported One Direction from the beginning in my city/town and school!

Yep. Pretty much true :)

Volume 1 of 10000000000000000000 an in the new pocket sized edition shown above

Wayyyyy to much pink *_* and a little too much green

i think i huge chunk in there should be " guy directioners " cuz they have to be the most legit people

Same I would do that even if they were on a camercial

So true<--- Story time. Me and my friend are directioners and we had a sleepover. While we were having breakfast and her dad came in and said one direction on the tv. We nearly killed our selves trying to get to the tv.


this is my life right there along with about 3 million other crazy directioners