Stromceky stastia

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a small bonsai tree in a glass ball on a wooden stand with wire wrapped around it
a person holding a piece of shell with a tree on it in their left hand
RAD Creative Art
a sea shell and starfish decoration on a table
a purple and white bonsai tree sitting on top of a green plate filled with rocks
two small trees sitting on top of a white table
a glass vase filled with white and blue rocks next to a small tree made out of beads
Modrý korálkový stromeček
a hand holding a piece of rock with blue beads on it and a tree in the middle
a small tree is sitting in a glass bowl
Árvore de fio de cobre com pérolas
a wire tree with white pearls on it sitting on a tile floor in front of a mirror
a tree with white flowers on top of a rock
Pearl Bead Tree