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a man standing in front of a chicken cage with the words diy light weight and low maintenance
DIY PVC Chicken Tractor: 11 Simple Steps for Mobility and Ease
Make raising chickens a little easier by building a lightweight and low-maintenance PVC chicken tractor!
two pictures of chickens in blue plastic bins and one has an instagramtion
the instructions for how to make a cat bed with two sides and four ends,
a person holding an open bird cage filled with sand and other items in front of them
Stock tank brooder
two chickens standing next to each other in a fenced off area near a tree stump
BBQ Grill Swing
a small gazebo sitting on top of a dirt field
Chicken Coop Silo
a large gray and orange dog house in the middle of a cage with food inside
a caged animal is sitting in the grass near an old truck and trailer with it's doors open