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an outline drawing of a car on a white background, with the front end facing forward
Ausmalbilder Audi - Ausmalbilder von Autos Malvorlagen Windowcolor Zum Drucken
Ausmalbilder Audi 462 Malvorlage Autos Ausmalbilder Kostenlos, Ausmalbilder Audi Zum Ausdrucken
the instructions for how to wear a hijab in different colors and sizes, including black
How to Make a Ninja Mask Out of a T-Shirt in Just 5 Easy Steps
It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year. Imgur Secret Santa Is Here!
It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year. Imgur Secret Santa Is Here!
an image of a bottle being held up in the air
Zombie Apocalypse Lightbulb
an image of how to make a poster with different colors and shapes, including text
So, There's A Pinterest For Dudes Now
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How to Pick a Lock with a Bobby Pin
a red box sitting on top of a white sheet
Urban Survival, Outdoor Survival, Defense, Tactical Survival, Wilderness Survival, Military Tactics, Leger, Survival Prepping, Infantry
/k/ teaches you useful (and sometimes dangerous) information!
Camping, A House, Shelter, Home Defense, Urban Survival Kit, Defence
PREPARING A HOUSE FOR DEFENCE There is no end to the tasks that Do not forget the will improve your defence: the Small holes should be cut in only limiting factor will be time. Cee eee ee After you have worked out your you can drop grenades on Remove all tho plastor them from your fighting off the ceiling arcs of fire and cut firing ports to positions, to fl sence cover these, you will have to work out a priority of work to achieve the best possible Si defence in the time available. Cuta hole for observation attic, the wall sandbags on the fisor/ will stop the enemy 4 Ps ie to vor the windows. Cover windows with wire notting to k granados o: charge Floor boards should be removed below downstai at if the land on a solid floor. Put ails of bro! Astemporary stairways, use holes cut in floors with Jadder-or knotted rope. Window protection and 'coffins' When all other preparation Wire mosh over the is complete, remove the windows will stop the odd stairs or cover them with grenade being lobbed in. boards covered in nails. However, if you construct a sendbag coffin around your firing position you vall be protected from grenade bursts and root collapse. Close protection Then if the enemy get into Two rolas of ws your room you can throw a by pickets and iberafy grenade over the top of sown with anti-personnel your coffin into the room mines will deter enemy with mouseholing charges. Fighting in the dark The rooms will be in total or semi darkne: Public sorvicos Gas is a real hazard, so turn it off outside the house: the same goes for having to fight in the dark giv Traditional stone German housing is well suited to defence. They generally have cellars that will provide strongpoints and walls rust) enough to stop small arms ire. - iFunny
some type of paper with different types of writing on it's sides and the words survival
20 Best Survival Kits On The Market 2018
an info sheet describing the safety and health benefits of hiking checklists for hikers
Hiking Ten Essentials: Don't Leave Home Without Them
Zombie Apocalypse Survival, Scout, Knife, Bear Scouts, Construction
a poster with instructions on how to set up a survival kit for someone's needs
1610 Survival Kit Infographic Poster