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a birthday card with the words happy birthday to you written in red, white and blue
Happy Birthday Easy Piano Music | Let's Play Kids Music
the five circles are arranged in order to form an ascending line with letters and numbers on them
Just wanted to share something I just made to use at my school - the colors match our true-tone hand bells plus our glocks plus our tone bars! SO....I plan to use these to make my own "sheet music" for my preschoolers!
small wooden clothes pins sitting on top of a white table next to a measuring ruler
Music education product for music teachers, elementary music game, music matching activity, music center for the classroom
"Your students will love these music matching games for the classroom! They make a great quiet activity for a single student or a center for small groups. In this listing, you get 5 matching games along with the labeled clothespins to complete the game. (Game variations listed below. Also see pictures.) *Small plastic box NOT included* -Rhythm Match -Dynamics Match -Absolute Pitch (Treble Clef) Match -Absolute Pitch (Bass Clef) Match -Solfa Match If you'd like one of each, choose MULTI. If you'd
an image of musical notes and symbols
RHYTHM LESSON 9 - Notation with rests