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Medusa                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Medusa in Greek mythology is a monster, a winged human female with a hideous face and living venomous snakes in place of hair.

Brother Bartimaeus : "He was tall and wiry and bent like a fishhook as his shoulders bowed down under the weight of his years. Whatever hair he had in youth had weathered to silver and long since ceased to cover his head in any meaningful way. Now it just hung on above his ears like moss clung to an old oak. His sun-darkened skin covered him like aged leather and was parted everywhere by creases... but for all his battered coarseness, his way was smooth as water." (Peterson, p. 13)

The easiest of faces for us to read . Do You have a prayer face? God reads the prayer face. (Hope everyone takes a moment to look at the board > Faces).