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a white bowl filled with soup on top of a blue and white tablecloth covered table
Východniarska "mačanka" podľa mamky Marty ;o | Mimibazar.sk
a black door handle with a lock on the front and back of it's latch
National Hardware LokkLatch 10.24-in Black Gate Lock Stainless Steel | N346-201
Key lockable latch for added security; great for pool gates, sheds, and fences - can be used on metal, wood and vinyl gates without rusting binding or staining. Ultra-strong polymers and stainless steel components that never rust, bind or stain. Side-fixing legs aid in installation, and provide superior strength - installs on wood, metal and vinyl gates. Kit includes key lockable gate latch and strike. Latch remains horizontally and vertically adjustable during and after installation. National H
an image of a metal door latch with red knobs on the front and side
Self Locking Auto Field Gate Latch
For field/farm gates, auto locking. Includes cranked striker pin and all fixings. Mild steel with a hot spelter galvanised finish for extra weather protection.
a close up of a rope with an alien head in the background on a white tile wall
the diagram shows how to tie an electrical cable
Russian Join | Knitting tutorial, Knitting instructions, Knitting hacks