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a tall metal sculpture sitting on top of a table next to a wall and floor
frei otto
a tall metal candle holder sitting on top of a cement floor next to a window
Maestrale by Caimi Brevetti Spa
Maestrale, Coat stand in birch wood
a bunch of different colored wires on a white surface with one standing out from the others
Twist | Arredare casa con mobili di design Horm e Casamania
a pair of wooden sticks standing on top of a cement floor next to a white wall
Tolle Beispiele für einen modernen Garderobenständer!
schön gestalteter Gardrobenständer aus Holz
an artistic sculpture made out of white wood
Artists Detail - ALAIN MAILLAND - Blue Spiral 1 | Fine Art + Craft Gallery | Downtow
an image of wood textured in black and white with the words art studio on it
Wood grain texture study drawn by Darrel Tank for lesson 25 of Art Studio.