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some paint sitting on top of a table next to flowers and potted planters
How To Paint Patio Tiles
Painting cement patio pavers can change your backyard space overnight, and give you a custom tile look, for a fraction of the price. How to prep and paint patio tiles Start by rolling all the patio tiles in Farmhouse White. You’d be surprised to see how fast it dries in the full afternoon sun. Prop up the patio tiles Before I painted, I used some bricks to prop up one side of each tile to ensure I could pick them up later. Begin Painting The Pattern Once the white coat is dry, you h…
a wooden fence in the middle of a yard with chairs and tables on either side
Cinder Block Fence With 4x4's
Cinder block posts with 4x4's rails for diyNote: The cinder block posts are movable they are not buried or cemented down. Making this fence movable and customizable at any time. Cinder block and paver stone.1st I marked in 2 1/4 inches on the 12x12 paver stone to have area where cinder block would sit. Next apply Loctite adhesive on paver stone being generous but not to much it will squeeze out. (1 10 oz tube was enough for 4 applications). Place cinder block on top and position into
an outdoor grill is set up in the woods
Portable Outdoor Fireplace – Mother Earth News
Portable Outdoor Fireplace
three glass vases sitting on top of a green table with text overlay that reads turn dollar store vases into outdoor lighting
Dollar Store Vases Turned Into Awesome Outdoor Solar Lights
Dollar Store Vases Turned Into Awesome Outdoor Lighting
a plant with green leaves and a wooden spatula hanging on the wall next to it
Use Old DVD Cases to Make a Vertical Garden
How clever. Old DVD cases have been re-purposed to make a beautiful vertical garden
the steps in how to paint concrete pavers
How to Paint an Easy Update For Concrete Pavers DIY
Need an easy update for your backyard? Painting concrete pavers will add some pizzaz to your outdoor space!
three potted plants are hanging from a metal rack on the side of a brick wall
The genius way she uses a shower caddy (not in her shower)
When I came across a cheap (read: free) shower caddy, I snatched it up. Not because I needed more storage in the bath but because I had the perfect place in the garden for it. Yes! This holder of shampoo bottles would make for a great vertical wall planter. These wall gardens are ideal for adding a decorative touch to an otherwise plain wall. And are perfect for urban gardeners with limited space. I started the project by giving the shower caddy a coat of primer paint in t…
an orange and gray column with the caption cap, balcony wall
DIY Small Rental Apartment Balcony Makeover
One of the first things I did when I moved into my rental apartment is give the balcony a makeover. But after living there for 5 years, I was ready for a new look! I had installed reed fencing panels to cover up the concrete walls but I was tired of that look and wanted to change things up. The first thing I needed to do was remove the reed fencing panels - since I'm a renter, I had to get creative to install them. I attached them to wood wall caps that I built to fit snugly on…
several colorful vases with plants in them on a table
Handpainted Garden Pots
DIY Home Decor ~ Handpainted Garden Pots Inspired by Anthropologie