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Kaťa Kajanova
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Fancy Dutch Fishtail Braid | Missy Sue

Taking a basic braid to the next level can be as easy as two extra steps. In today’s tutorial I’m showing you a quick and easy way to fancy up your everyday fishtail braid, making it perfect for everyday. I love wearing this style when…

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Long distance love can be challenging to keep alive. Discover powerful tips to help you make your long distance love work using the law of attraction.

Can you feel me missing you? Sometimes I wonder if you can from heaven.

Hahaha probably not lol umm yahhhh both our luck sucks. I garantee something will happen to us both oh well haha ILL C U WHEN U GET THERE IF YA EVER GET THERE Or just back home lol which would be da best haha so I can get my lemonade