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We’re all so used to the grandiose tales of love in the movies. But Korean artist “Puuung” is intent on changing that narrative. “Love is something that everybody can relate to. And Love comes in ways that we can easily overlook in our daily lives.

Posso ter esta dança? Sim, claro!

Posso ter esta dança? Sim, claro!

I work to find the meaning of love hidden in daily lives into illustrations and animations.

이불 빨래(Doing the Laundry, Together) Washing fluffy blankets, the traditional way. Strenuous household chores feel like a fun event when I'm doing it with you!

It will be yummy today, because I practiced so hard! But the previous dish was awesome too!

Love Is In The Small Things: New Illustrations By Korean Artist Puuung Pics)