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Mindfulness, Coping Mechanisms, Anger, Trauma, It Hurts
hurt child
a black and white drawing of a person hugging each other in front of a red background
a black and white drawing of a woman covering her face with her hands while the words can't live with myself
Inspiration, School Stress, Vent Artwork Anger, Fucked Up, Idk, Mental
a woman sitting on top of a building next to a sky filled with pink and purple clouds
How to Change Your Life during Quarantine
An inspiring read about how a 12-year-old turned my life around and will turn yours around too! *I thought this would be a good opportunity to celebrate her persistence and grace in the form of a gratitude letter. Feel free to visualize it being read at an award ceremony for women’s empowerment. Now, I proudly debut a wholesome story about womanhood that will hopefully enlighten you during this difficult time.* Enjoy! (art by Alena) #motivational #aesthetic #art
several pictures of people with different faces and body shapes, including one man holding a woman's head
El Recuerdo de tu Mirada [Riren] 2° Temporada - Curiosidades y Ultimo capítulo de SNK
a black cat sticking its tongue out from behind a window with rain drops on it
two angels standing next to each other on top of a globe
Dive into anything
the many faces and expressions of an animated character in one image, while another looks on
Shingeki no Kyojin: Você não vai acreditar em quem são esses titãs - Heroi X
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