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71% of all workers in the Oil & Gas industry are above the age of 50. Learn how to attract Generation Y workers at the Kakushin online conference "Talent Crisis Management in Oil & Gas."


GEN Y VS. BABY BOOMERS | Talent Crisis Management in Oil & Gas 2015 | Kakushin Webinars

You know it - the sun is beating down, fresh-squeezed orange juice is in a cup in front of you and donning sunglasses, you're searching for a bit of amusement during the long summer days. What about taking part in a contest? Join our Summer Recording Raffle and get recording of your choice for free.

Summer Recording Raffle | Kakushin Webinars

Workforce analytics is definitely not limited to the function of describing the current status of the company. Metrics and data are useless without the skills to analyze them. Read the following article to see where the Workforce Analytics' power lies.

What you should expect from workforce analytics | Workforce Analytics 2015 | Kakushin Webinars

Diversity and inclusiveness is no longer something optional; it’s essential. Organizations that effectively capitalize on the strengths of all employees and leverage their differences and unique values have the most engaged employees. Read below what are the characteristics of a female-friendly company.

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Peter Dern, Senior Vice President of Corporate University at Software AG, considers digitization as the key influencer in leadership. You can start a dialogue with Peter Dern at the Kakushin online conference “Leadership Development.”

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Chris Litherland, International Senior Human Resources Director, considers that the most important factor in employer branding is being able to demonstrate the organization's value proposition. It is important to really understand what the organization stands for. The cultural values are created in an organic process, initially done by the founders of the organization, and later by the people who join the organization. Click and read more about Chris Litherland's view of employer branding.

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Look at our infographic and measure your Change Management Strategy's probability to succeed with these 12 key indicators.

12 Indicators for HR Change Management infographic | HR Transformation: The Role of HR in Organisational Change 2015 | Kakushin Webinars

Ever had the feeling that you are negotiating #OrganisationalChange with the wrong people? Discuss about due diligence and overcoming cultural differences at the Kakushin #PanelDiscussion, which will be part of the online #conference "HR Transformation: The Role of HR in Organisational Change."

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5 key ways to solve the Talent Crisis in Oil&Gas industry - Kakushin Infographic


Infographic | Talent Crisis Management in Oil & Gas 2015 | Kakushin Webinars

You wish Gen Y would be so excited for an Oil&Gas career! Learn proved ways to attract Gen Y at the Kakushin Online Conference "Talent Crisis Management in Oil&Gas"

Talent Crisis Management in Oil & Gas 2015 | Kakushin Webinars