Natural texture of honey comb with wax. I know they are sextons but close enough to circles and the pattern is so beautiful

Natural texture would be honey comb because it is not designed / man made , it is made by bees and is always found in nature. Honey comb is skillfully made by honey bees.

Rock Erosion 3 Koh Kut

Rock Erosion 3 Koh Kut Photograph by Jennifer Bright - Rock Erosion 3 Koh Kut Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

Barramundi fish scales

Fish Scale Textures - natural silver pearl surface pattern inspiration for…

Paper sculpture by Peter Gentenaar  (details).

Paper sculpture by Peter Gentenaar. Texture inspiration for modern home decor inspiration.


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Silver Birch bark

Bark detail of a Silver Birch tree at the Holocaust Memorial Garden in Hyde Park, London ~ Photo by.

shapes + shades of cacti

l-echappee-belle: * (the poetry of material things)

this cactus shows both texture and line. I would say that this cactus has line vs pattern because of the flow it has and texture because it appears to be soft and fuzzy but in reality it is very spiky

Grey Feathers - natural colours & light wispy textures for organic, bird inspired design greyscale black and white close up photo photography to show texture POV perspective