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Uncut Diamonds - this is what they look like when we get them, before we turn them into the best loose diamonds for our clients

Diamonds are a hard crystalline form of carbon. These uncut diamonds are from the Russian State Precious Metals and Gemstones Collection Fund, part of the Russian Finance Ministry. Photographed in Moscow, in March

Unique crystal of small green Apatite on two faces of a Tanzanite crystal.

Unique crystal of small green Apatite (analyses indicated Fluorapatite) on two faces of a complete, well terminated Tanzanite crystal. I have seen Tanzanite spcimens with Apatite on the Graphite matrix, but never one with Apatite on the Tanzanite crystal.

Patek Philippe Masterpiece: The Grandmaster Chime 5175R ~ Sense Of Luxury

Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref. 5175 is a wrist-format timekeeping instrument of absolutely unprecedented complexity and ingenuity that establishes new benchmarks in terms of technical and aesthetic elegance. In its double-face case with a diameter

Винный погреб #винныйпогреб #вино #дизайнвинногопогреба #винныйпогребвдоме #декорвинногопогреба

Винный погреб #винныйпогреб #вино #дизайнвинногопогреба #винныйпогребвдоме #декорвинногопогреба