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how to make microwaveable heat packs
Cheap DIY Christmas Gifts That Don't Suck
Sewing Tutorials, Sewing, Sew Ins, Sewing Hacks
Soothing Eye Mask - Free Sewing Pattern • Craft Passion
a blue and white bag with the words microwave potato bag free sewing pattern on it
someone is holding up some fabric on top of a table
Jar Opener Easy Sewing Project
many different colored pillows are arranged on a table top with polka dots and ladybugs
Hot/Cold Bags Tutorial...
three different pictures with the words hot & cold rice bag on them, and an image of
Hot & Cold Rice Bag Tutorial - Creative Pink Butterfly
an angel ornament sitting on top of a wooden table next to scissors and beads
How to make Fabric Angel Wings - a perfect gift or home decoration
the handlebars on this bicycle are decorated with flowers and blue, yellow, and orange
DIY Washable Shopping Cart Handle Cover |
two potatoes sitting inside of a bag on top of a table with the words baked potato bag makes the best baked potatoes right in your microwave
Potato Bag
Baked potato Bag-- make the softest and yummiest baked potatoes right in your microwave!
the diy reusable tortilla warmer
DIY Reusable Tortilla Warmer |
hand warmers made from fabric with text overlay that reads make a pair of hand warmers in 5 minutes
Fleece Hand Warmers: Make a Pair in 5 Minutes For Yourself or a Gift
Here is a quick, easy, and cozy gift idea! 5 minute fleece hand warmers to put inside a jacket pocket. Fill with rice and warm in a microwave to heat up! You can even add a few drops of essential oil to make them smell nice. Package up in a set of two for a sweet gift.
a baby bib pattern on the floor with instructions
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