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I'm always looking for new DIY cake ideas and recipes for birthdays, weddings, or for other events and holidays. Here are my favorite cake ideas. #cakeideas…
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How to Get Moist Cakes
I'm excited to share my top tips for making moist cakes! It's one of the questions I get asked the most: "How do I make cakes moist?" The good news is, it's absolutely possible to bake moist cakes from scratch. Let's dive into my best tips and tricks to achieve perfectly moist cakes every time!
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How to Make a Tall Cake
A tall cake exudes elegance and grace, but there are some important tips and tricks to keep in mind before you start. To avoid any potential disasters, I've compiled my best advice on how to create a stunning, stately tall cake. Let's make sure your cake turns out beautifully with these helpful tips!
two cupcakes with frosting and red roses on top are shown in the same photo
Easy Fondant Rose Without Tools
Looking to create beautiful fondant roses without any fuss? This super friendly tutorial guides you step-by-step on how to make stunning fondant roses without cutters. Making sugar roses can be simple and fun! Whether you have a lot of roses to make or just want a quick solution, this easy fondant rose method is perfect for you. The only thing you need is fondant. Happy decorating!
the steps to make buttercream borders with text overlay that says, 12 simple and easy buttercream borders
12 Simple and Easy Buttercream Cake Borders
Discover cake decorating piping techniques with these 12 simple and easy buttercream cake borders. Creating cake borders can actually be straightforward with these simple icing designs. Explore how to pipe a cake using twelve unique buttercream borders in this step-by-step, easy-to-follow tutorial. Plus, there's a free printable cheat sheet for reference.
Easy Fondant Rose Without Tools
Create charming fondant roses effortlessly with this simple tutorial! No fancy tools required—just grab some fondant and follow the easy steps. Perfect for when you want beautiful roses without all the fuss. Ideal for beginners or anyone looking for a stress-free way to make fondant flowers.
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Inexpensive Supplies You Need to Start Decorating Cakes
A list of helpful and inexpensive tools and supplies to get you started decorating cakes from home. You don't need lots of fancy equipment to get started.
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Common Cake Decorating Problems and How to Avoid Them
Lots of common cake decorating problems can be avoided if you know some handy tips and tricks.
a close up of a cake with the words how to stack a cake
How to Stack a Cake (a step-by-step guide)
This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to stack a cake and make a beautiful tiered cake. From what kind of dowels to use to the type of cake boards to use and even how to level cakes, this cake decorating tutorial is packed with tips on stacking cake tiers.
a piece of white chocolate bundt cake with the words apricot on it
Apricot White Chocolate Chip Cake
This apricot white chocolate chip cake is moist and delicious with the added bonus of an apricot and confectioner's sugar glaze on top. This cake idea is perfect for the whole family and for any get-together.
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a slice of chocolate cake on a plate
Chocolate Rum Cake with a Kick
This Chocolate Rum Cake isn't your average rum cake. This one has a spicy kick that's mixed into the cake batter. There's rum in the glaze that's soaked into the cake and a nice chocolate drizzle on top. This cake is wonderful during the holidays or any time you just want to feel cozy.
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blueberry sour cream coffee cake on a plate with the words sour cream blueberry coffee cake
Sour Cream Blueberry Coffee Cake
This sour cream blueberry coffee cake is super moist and flavorful with a pound cake like texture and filled with yummy blueberries, then topped with the most amazing crumb streusel topping with just a hint of cinnamon. It's yummy for breakfast, or any time you want a blueberry treat.
a three tiered blue cake with flowers on it
These Wedding Cake Ideas Are Seriously Stunning