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three anime characters with purple hair and blue eyes
35+ Trendy drawing cool colour
Spartan Warrior, Samurai Art, Assasing Creed, Assassins Creed Tattoo, Assassin, Assassins Creed Artwork
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an image of a woman with blue hair and wings on her head standing in front of a tree
a person with purple hair wearing a black hat
League Of Legends
KDA Akali
a woman with pink hair and neon makeup wearing a baseball cap is standing in front of an abstract background
K/DA Akali, Sean Tay
ArtStation - K/DA Akali, Sean "Raiko" Tay
a digital painting of a person wearing a baseball cap with neon lights on their face
Akali | League of Legends
a cartoon character holding a cell phone in front of purple and blue background with graffiti
CookieHana's Art Blog
“K/DA Akali ♥ ”
I know I already saved this but it's my favorite on my board Fandom, Anime Characters, Kingdom Hearts, Character Art, Yandere
I know I already saved this but it's my favorite on my board
a sign with words written on it that says, we kill people who kill people because killing people is wrong
a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes in front of a red background that says inside my head
Get out of my head!
Sayori wearing a flower crowm
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
Sayori wearing a flower crowm