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a knitted doll sitting on top of a tea pot
aniexma's tea cosy
a knitted sheep is holding a white cup in it's mouth and looking at the camera
Sheep Tea Cosy Crochet PDF Pattern Instant Download - Etsy
a crocheted chicken sitting in a basket next to a cup and saucer
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Nesting Hen Tea Cozy crochet PATTERN INSTRUCTIONS
a crocheted chicken sitting on top of a blue chair next to a wooden table
Craftsy.com | Express Your Creativity!
Chicken tea cosy_e_0Ffd - via @Craftsy
an elephant with a hat on its head is next to a blue vase and window
elephant tea cozy pattern by Debi Birkin
❇Crochet Tea Cosies, Coffee and Tea Cup and Mug Snugs and HugsA fabulous elephant - I LOVE this pattern!
a knitted tea pot with bees on it
a knitted tea cosy with a star on top and red dots around it
Christmas Tree Tea Cosy pattern by Sue Stratford
(not crochet, but it's adorable!) Ravelry: Christmas Tree Tea Cosy pattern by Sue Stratford
there is a knitted bag with mice in it on the table next to teapots
Sack of Mice Tea Cozy pattern by Debi Birkin
Ravelry: sack of mice tea cozy pattern by Debi Birkin. Pattern for sale on etsy.
a knitted tea pot cover sitting on top of a wooden table next to a wall
Mistake Rib Tea Cosy (DK) pattern by Frankie Brown
Mistake Rib Tea Cosy, knit. Haha - I have this yarn as socks!
three knitted teapots with bees and flowers on them, sitting next to each other
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Bee Hive House Tea Cosy pattern atwww.tbeecosy.com and also at ETSY https://www.etsy.com/listing/523270088/bee-hive-house-tea-cosy
a crocheted tea pot with a sunflower on it's top, sitting on a white surface
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Sunflower Tea Cosy
a knitted tea pot cover with a red ball on top
Janie Crow > Shop Unavailable
Free teapot PDF. Just stunning: from Jane Crowfoot. Thanks for an amazing share.... xox
an orange knitted teapot cover sitting on top of a doily with a blue cup
Pumpkin tea cosy