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a brown paper with the words, remember some things have to end for better things to begin
an old book with the words if left a mark every word, every moment, every sight and every half smile
I know it did, I can feel them.
there comes a feeling you thought you'd forgotten
at least I had the courage Quotes Deep, Best Quotes, Words Of Wisdom, Me Quotes
at least I had the courage
an open book with the words you've become so damaged that when someone wants to give you what you observe you have no idea how to respond
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an open book with the words i did not want this to be a lesson
an open book with the words how do you know when it's over?
You make me feel so weak
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an open book with a poem written on the cover and some writing underneath it that says,'some memories never leave your bones like salt in the seas they become part of you
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