lightning maroon clownfish

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2015 National Geographic Photo Contest | National Geographic

Every year during Easterly winds schools of starry toados (Arothron firmamentun) blow into the Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve.

siamese fighting fish, betta fish on black background

Summary: Some of the most exquisite, beautiful tropical fishes are available for sale online. There are various sites that showcase fishes of highest quality and in healthy condition offering at numerous price ranges to be taken home.

Diving in the Great Barrier Reef

Fish school at the Great Barrier Reef (only one guy appears to have noticed the photographer!


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Stunning 'Our World' photo contest winners

Stunning 'Our World' photo contest winners

Scuba diving with breathtaking spotted eagle rays in Belize. Unbelievable photograph!!

black and white leopard patterned eagle ray "one of my favorite sea creatures to watch in the ocean.