Karolina Mikšíková

Karolina Mikšíková

Karolina Mikšíková
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Pusheen Cat & Cookie DIY EOS Clay Tutorial! - YouTube (Could easily make totoro)

Create an eos lip balm flavors shaped like fruits! this eos tutorial features eos strawberry sorbet lip balm, eos lemon drop lip balm and eos pomegranate ras.

Inspired by zentangles a little EOS lip balm

Inspired by zentangles a little EOS lip balm - okay, going to have to do this to my EOS balms.

DIY: EOS Watermelon Decor

Easy just get a mint and pink eos then color on black seeds and darker green shading with a pink diy watermelon eos inside

DIY Witch EOS! Make Cute Halloween Lip Balms | Halloween Party Favors!

Today I have another EOS video for you guys! It is a cute little witch eos! I think these are perfect for a Halloween Party or even a cute litt.