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What do you think about this cute automation? 😍
Credit 👉 Amedeo Capelli (IG: stoccafisso_design) . #productdesign #product #productdesigner #design #designer #automata #frog #unicycle #toiletpaper #fun #fundesign #interiordesign #homedecor
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a man laying on top of a wooden floor next to a tree in a backyard
a wooden deck with plants and rocks on it
Brise-vue bambou et clôture pour plus d’intimité dans le jardin
three pieces of wood that have been made to look like houses with windows and doors
Raamdecoratie Oudhollandse geveltjes
How to design a small kitchen
a gray and white photo of a light fixture with a black cord hanging from it
Deckenleuchten -
Beton Hängelampe- Tinlight, DesignLampe
a person using a paint roller on a patterned floor
Annie Sloan Lacquer Floor Finish - Matte
Annie Sloan Lacquer Floor Finish over stenciled floor