Karolína Kmettyová

Karolína Kmettyová

Karolína Kmettyová
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I love these boxes looks like a full lid sized hinge plate awesome

Caixinas de madeira_These are pretty adorable little boxes. Would be a fun weekend project, perhaps utilizing Incra's wooden box hinge maker.

Mosaic Tile Birdbath using Recycled DVDs. I think this would be cool for my kit hen table (get rid of the nasty old blue tiles)

Mosaic Tile Birdbath using Recycled DVDs. Recycling CD's and DVD's isn't easy. This diy birdbath is a great idea for a weekend upcycling project.

stop drinking soda. these 6 reasons will make you stop drinking soda today: http://www.nowloss.com/how-to-stop-drinking-soda.htm

This anti pepsi ad is a great example of semantic memory. You automatically know that this is the pepsi logo because of brand awareness. This shows that soft drinks such as this can make you fat so you must be careful what you put into your body.