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10 Signs You Might Be a Beer Snob - Just went through this with Jeff and only 1 of them didn't fit him! Hahahahaha

Here are 10 indications that your love of good beer might be crossing the line into beer snobbery. I think I’m guilty of a couple of these myself. As always, please share belo…

lol this is funny stuff

fought for his country in wwii isnt scared of shit Fought for His Country in WWII; Isnt Scared of Shit


Most Hilarious Baby Photobombs of All Time-There& nothing like a well-done photobomb and they& even better when done by a tiny tot. We& found 17 of the most awkward and hilarious baby photobombs out there.

"Beer - The Essential Element" Craft Beer Geek T-Shirt by brewershirts

beer snobs beer snobs everywhere - beer snobs beer snobs everywhere  Buzz Lightyear

Prepping for Comparison of Popular Maths Enrichment Classes in Singapore - Fess, Methods, Duration, Centres etc.

Beer snobs unite

Beer snobs unite

Beer Snob

Of course I talk to myself - Funny quote by a guy with pipe: "Of course I talk to myself. Sometimes I need a professional opinion.

Beer Snob Kitty

A refreshing beer cocktail perfect for warm weather made with a mixture of homemade black cherry limeade and light beer.