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Poor Foxy :(

A coloured Comic. Yes, I always think that foxy isnt a Monster, no matter if he was the Reason of the Bite he will always be a missunderstood Anima. I Am Not A Monster

FNaF: Foxy~! by Beckitty on DeviantArt

A lot of my watchers have been wanting me to draw Foxy. So here is a Foxy for all of you.who motivated me to finish.

She's so beautiful by CristalWolf567. I ship it like 5% out of 100% because i ship foxy x chica but this is very cute. Keep up the great work cristalwolf567

I really love them i can't stop drawing them,i ship it so much! i know that Foxy eye patch is in the wrong side but i hope it doesn't matter The song.