Wild Spirit

An awesome example of the uses of light in reflective surfaces, using a main subject - which is the dog. I will need to research more about using subjects. Maybe animals, items or even people.

lsleofskye: “ Buffalo Peaks Wilderness ”

lsleofskye: “Buffalo Peaks Wilderness” A wolf examines his reflection in marsh waters.


Gray Wolf Near Birch Tree Trunks, Canis Lupus, MN Papier Photo par William Ervin sur AllPosters.

Wolf  Pup

This is a hybrid wolf pup—they are beautiful and smart. My friend got a hybrid wolf pup named Smokey. He grew to a lovable 165 pounds, and he thought he was a lap dog. He was absolutely gorgeous!

Arctic Wolf

Why I love dogs Baby dog Through the Snow. snow dog ~~Thirsty Wolf - arctic wolf by Maxime Riendeau~~

wolf cub

Nera The Wolf Pup Photo: This Photo was uploaded by Faola-Nightcore. Find other Nera The Wolf Pup pictures and photos or upload your own with Photobucke.


There are many things that catch your eye but few that catch your heart ~Unknown Pro-Wolf North West

My wolf. He sits in silence and watches everything. Always OBSERVING . what A beautiful creature you are. My heart still beats for you.

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carol-chula: LOBOS EN LA NIEVE

Timber Wolves by Michael Cummings - The wolf is one of the most beautiful and mysterious creatures on earth!

Freya would appear as a crow/raven or wolf before and after a battle, picking the warriors who would go with her to the afterlife.

Meeting up for a late-night chat -- Stock used: tree: ~BrokenVain-Stock [link] wolf & crows: ~MESANGE-BLEUE-STOCK [link] & [link] moon/sky: ~Moo.