Katarina Ninikova

Katarina Ninikova

Katarina Ninikova
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Newborn Baby Crown Free Crochet Pattern

A pretty little prince or baby princess crochet crown pattern with faux jewels. The baby crown can be made and used as a photo prop for the first portrait shoot and then put on display as part of the nursery's decor.

From blog: I find a lot of inspiration at the hardware store. 5 packages of hot pink poly rope. Make a rug! For less than $15 you have a simple, yet sturdy, handmade gift.

Crochet a rug using nylon rope from the hardware store - 5 packages of hot pink poly rope lb.- 75 feet each spool). What's a girl to do with 375 feet of hot pink rope? Make a rug! Use a simple crochet stitch and a size 6 hook

Love these colours! As We Go Stripey Blanket

voorbeelden steken voor bijv haken sjaal The "As We Go Stripey Blanket" pattern is a great way to try some new stitches as every row the pattern changes to a new stitch. I've joined the crochet along, maybe you would like to join in as well?

Ravelry: Project Gallery for Blackberry Salad Striped Baby Blanket pattern by Tamara Kelly

This free pattern makes up a great baby blanket, and includes information on customizing it to your own specifications.