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a person is pouring cement into a basket with other items on the table next to it
Amazing Idea - How to make potted plant from egg trays and cement very easily
a person is working on an object that looks like a flower or starburst
How To Cast Simple But Beautiful Potted Plant - Techniques To Make Potted Plants With Cement At Home
two buckets filled with dirt sitting on top of a floor next to each other
Unique and Beautiful Creations From Cement | Ideas to make a simple cement planter at home
there is a planter that has been placed on the ground with plants growing out of it
two wooden pallets in the grass with pink blankets on them and one is sitting on top of it
Doniczki z ręcznika i betonu – jak zrobić? - Twoje DIY
a person is pouring something into a cup with pink rims on the top and bottom
Decor! 11 Fantastic Cement Crafts & Home Decor Ideas | @Artkala
three different views of the same object, one with red and white paint on it
there are some sand covered objects on the ground next to buckets and pails
Cement, piach i stare ścierki = doniczka