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the woods are covered in snow and brown leaves
Niekde v lese ❤
Long Hair Styles, Hair Styles, Long, Style
a woman holding a rose in her right hand and looking at the camera, with trees in the background
photography by Janka Molčányová :)
a person with their feet up in front of a television
Alice in Wonderland sunday chill ❤
pair of ice skates sitting on top of a wooden chair with an orange bow
an old sewing machine sitting in front of a building with flowers on the window sill
an old sewing machine sitting on top of a table next to a potted plant
four different pictures of white furniture with pink roses painted on them and an old chest
nová izba - with Luboško :-*
four different pictures show the process of making decorative pillows with yarn and cotton balls on them
Rezonancia :)
three different pictures with flowers in baskets on the windowsills and an old chair
Krajšia záhradka :)
More, oceán :) Sequins, Fashion, Sequin Skirt
More, oceán :)
the back of a woman's dress with feathers on her shoulders and an attached tie
Stvorenie-Labut- Škaredé káčatko :)
three different pictures of a lamp and some yarn
Rezonancia :)