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two elfs are sitting in the sink with gummy bears
an elf is sitting on a table with paper snowflakes
What pretty snowflakes you've made there Stanley !
a toilet decorated for christmas with a snowman face on the lid and elf's hat
an elf holding a knife next to a pile of potato chips on a counter top
an elf sitting on top of a table filled with candy balls and candies in front of him
a table topped with lots of different types of items on top of it, including noodles
a cluttered kitchen with lots of food on the counter
an elf is sitting on the counter next to a sign
an elf is holding a roll of bread on a plate with the words yah it's taco tuesday
Elf on the shelf #tacotuesday
#christmasdecor #christmas #christmasideas
Christmas Cheer, Silly
Thanks for the butt brush elf