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a stack of rocks sitting on top of a beach next to the ocean at sunset
Hawaii the Islands of Fire and Water
a park bench sitting under a tree with pink flowers
Friday Favorites
Like a portrait for a baby's bedroom... So soft. So sweet. No one does it like mother nature.
the ocean is blue and green with white clouds
there is a waterfall in the middle of some trees and plants on the side of it
people are walking up the steep stairs near the water and cliffs in the distance, with one person standing at the top
The Untouched Algarve: Walk And Cycle Along An Unseen Side Of Portugal's South Coast
The Untouched Algarve: Walk And Cycle Along An Unseen Side Of Portugal's South Coast | Via Yahoo Lifestyle | 20/04/2015 For decades a quintessential Mediterranean beach holiday destination, Portugal's Algarve is now forging a new reputation as a walking and cycling hotspot Photo: Rugged: The memorable rocky paths of the Ponta da Piedade. (Yahoo/Chris Parsons)
pink sand on the beach with blue water in the background
Pink sandy beaches in Barbuda
a snowflake is seen through the frosted window
the sun shines through the foggy forest
but we are not men
a wooden walkway leading to the stars in the sky
a spiral notebook with the words dream written on it
Dream On Dreamer Notebook
Dream On Dreamer Notebook #UOonCampus #UOContest
the mountains are covered in fog and mist as they rise into the sky above them
Yosemite National Park, California, USA
an old set of stairs in the woods with trees growing on it and sunlight coming through
F&O Fabforgottennobility
an empty road surrounded by tall trees in the forest
mountains are reflected in the still water of a lake at dusk with clouds and blue sky
the gathering blue