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a woman wearing a hat with a bird on top of her head in the snow
Vintage Portraits of Women Wearing Bird Hats From the Early 20th Century
«The Birds - Tippi Hendren & Crow Smoking» de katikarose Tippi Hedren, Ember, Tippi, Dieren, Philippe Halsman, Sanat, Fotografie, Enigma, Arc
«The Birds - Tippi Hendren & Crow Smoking» de katikarose
a woman sitting on a chair with a goose in her lap and another duck standing next to her
In living color. Photos by Clara Giaminardi
Cute funny penguin
🐧 Don't want to look like this? Fix it and buy some handsome t-shirts in my shop.
a brown chicken standing next to a metal container on top of dry grass and straw
a chicken wearing a pink tutu in the grass next to some rocks and trees
a person holding a paper bag with a chicken in it
Tfarhad – Page 7
a brown and black chicken sitting in the grass
two small hedgehogs with goggles on their eyes sitting in the dirt together
just hedgehogs with gas mask by boay-the-fox on DeviantArt
Wearing gas masks. . . .
two chickens standing next to each other in a field
Plymouth Rock thread!
a close up of a chicken with long hair on it's head and eyes
'Beaker' by ArtGirl