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Sans's eye-sockets are so beautiful. I have spent an hours to glazing them without wink for one time.

My name is Skull and I'm a writer and an artist. Here you'll find Undertale fanfiction with dabbles of original stories on the side as well. If you're on mobile search "for mobile users" in order to reach my list of stories, projects, and FAQ.

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Fresh, a nerdy skeleton who has a love for Maths (Even though I hate math) PaperJam (PJ), A Jock who is the captain of.

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sans, undertale GIF- I've never actually played this game but seen a lot of Gif, videos, and memes about it(and my friends talk about it to) where can I find this?

I've recorded a video tutorial with commentary, check it out: It includes the Project files if you want to follow along with the sa...

In this tutorial, you& learn how to animate a walk cycle on a simple character using shape layers and path animation in After Effects.



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Read Capitulo visita inesperada from the story ╣Un amor de manicomio╠ (sans x frisk) //asylumtale// by Ruseronoyoake (❀❤Rusero no yoake❤❀) with 554 reads.


Ah Fai was a chief animator for McDull’s animated features. Previous post on breakdowns right here Some thoughts on acceleration and force I presented this in.