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Asexuality (sometimes referred to as nonsexuality), in its broadest sense, is the lack of sexual.

Maybe they're worried we'll eat all the cake?

Well dinosaurs are really scary <<< you are my new favorite <<< Perfection. <<< I'M A BABY ACE DINO, SO DAMMIT FEAR ME PUNY HUMANS. Is no one going to mention that asexuals such as myself do feel attraction but romantically not sexually or what

The day I find someone who's decent and doesn't mind that I'm not a sexual person will be the day I win the damn lottery.  (And it often feels like winning the lottery is more realistic.)

not believing anyone will accept non-sexual touch, non-rough sex. ie treat her like a real, sensitive person, is the core of her sexual/romantic problems

25 Honest Confessions About Asexuality

Someone from Texas posted a whisper, which reads "Being asexual sucks because society thinks we're liars or have a disorder, meanwhile the LGBTQ+ community thinks we're not really queer and just want attention for being "special snowflakes".

Bogaert, A. F. (2006). Toward a conceptual understanding of asexuality. Review of General 	Psychology, 10(3), 241-250. Retrieved from								 http://search.proquest.com.uproxy.library.dc-uoit.ca/docview/614472762?accountid=14694

25 Honest Confessions About Asexuality {I really relate to these so much, it's hard not fitting in and comforting to know I'm not alone}

I denied that I was for the longest time. I tried to understand sexuality, tried to become moreso in a longterm committed relationship, only to figure out what it was all about. I discovered that it's just not for me. Then we broke up lol

I don't know if I am asexual or not but think it's really annoying when the unnecessary sex scenes come while watching a movie.If I want porn,I can go watch on other porn websites 😬😬😬