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three black vases stacked on top of each other
Nordic design ceramic mugs by Totus Ceramics | New collection
Totus Ceramics specialises in hand built ceramics, both functional and decorative. Inspired by nature and the personal journey of the creatore this nordic design pottery is unique in its shape and patterns. This modern pottery often celebrates the raw materials and the contrasts between white and black and shadows and light. Contemporary ceramics | Stoneware mugs | Nordic style ceramics | #handmademug #ceramicdesign #uniquemugs #uniquepottery
a woman holding two coffee mugs in her hands
Andrea Burns on Instagram: "How is it Monday already? How is it November already? I’ve never experienced the holiday rush of being a maker before, and wow it is no joke. 🙃"
three bird feeders hanging from a tree
Stoneware Rain Chain Red Glaze
This is an original and handmade rain chain to beautify your home and garden. These unique rain chains will not be found anywhere else, and they are handmade from durable stoneware ceramics and colored with glaze. They are easy to install and wired with aluminum wire that will not oxidize in outdoor weather conditions. The length is roughly 8.5 feet When it rains the sound of the running water through the rain chain is very relaxing and soothing.
a group of bells hanging from the ceiling in front of a store display case with other items on it
Bells stock image. Image of decoration, culture, tourism - 11852115
a small brown vase sitting on top of a green chair next to a candle holder
Shop — Leela Pottery
Shop — Leela Pottery
an older woman is holding some flowers in her hand and another statue on the other side
My garden is my gallery, it’s also my inspiration……its the perfect place to display my work. King Parrots are welcome visitors, the male is… | Instagram