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As a child I begged all of you to leave me alone. Slapped for saying please. 1975 ,I will not rest until each of you there and who profited from those 3 months of beatings taste it in your mouth/being until it rots.

Nyx, Greek Goddess of Night...." the imperfection of the lover's insight into the true nature of the beloved...does not in the least invalidate either...the reality or the sincerity of his love..."

Nyx, Greek Goddess of Night, was a daughter of Chaos; and so a sister of Gaia. She was married to her brother Erebus (Darkness). Her realm was in the far West beyond the land of Atlas.Nyx might be a good goddess to include.

Random Victoria Frances Gothic Artworks: Sit Back and Enjoy the Show! | Phi Stars

A story is held within the picture, a moment frozen in time. Breath Taking art piece. One doesn't one to THINK about the ammount of time Victoria Frances has put in this painting, so many different shades of black and grey.