Kat Púčeková

Kat Púčeková

Kat Púčeková
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Hayden Fae He's the oldest of the Fae siblings, and he's the most responsible. He's definitely a majorly overprotective brother, especially towards Mason.

Brandon Nardini / Male Models

Brandon Nardini The second swordsmen, Ferron, when he was younger, heard tales of the three beautiful princesses living alone up on the hill, abandoned and orphaned.

Ummmmmm....that is how facial hair and hair are done, son! "HHHHHAAAALOOOOO" as Franc would say

dark hair & blue eyes is always a turn on for me! I find that so handsome, but also I love how strong yet timid this mystery model looks here. It's like he can protect you, but he really wants real love in return.