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four pictures showing how to make a wool doll
Tutorial paso a paso de hadas de lana cardada
a doll is hanging from a white feather ornament in the shape of a ballerina
Pin on Felting
Nov 18, 2017 - This is a Waldorf inspired piece made of wool by the needle-felting technique. It's been created to provide a peaceful and harmonious image that communicates with the soul through its colors, textures, forms and energy. Doll: 6.5in. SHIPPING: Since shop-home is located in Montréal, contact the shop owner for more accu…
instructions on how to use a hair brush for knitting and crochet yarns
Mini tutorial afieltrado//Needle felting
the doll is made up of pink wigs and long blonde hair, along with other dolls
We zijn weer begonnen!
a doll is standing on a table with a light in it's hair and dress
Christmas Angel Fair Needle Felted With Lights Waldorf Doll Christmas Lamp Decoration Art Doll - Etsy