Katuška Malučká

Katuška Malučká

Katuška Malučká
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cute Pinterest girl drawn by Christina Lorre

Finally got some time to sit back and do some personal artwork outside of my school work time I really missed you all I hope you all are doing well living well, and enjoying life to the fullest! God has got great things coming!

some /okay/ and not-so great doodles i've done u _ u;;

i've been in a deda mood. so here she is u _ u; her shirt is supposed to say slasher. but i ran out of room OTL also.) her mixtape is fire

Purrmaid | What If Creations and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

purrmaid -----couldn't decide whether to pin this under cats, fantasy, or illustrations, but it's just so darn cute it'll have to be cats.