Viac nápadov od Miso

this is something !..

I made this cake for a little one who turned 2 :-) Vanilla sponge cake filled with dark choc ganache :-) All hand modelled. Hope you like it :-) xx

Fazer uma adaptação da casinha pra colocar na cama que já tem. colocar o tule com o pisca pisca, apenas para menina.

For a day of errands, switch out your boots or flats with low-top sneakers.

Fall Street Style.

Whether it’s a birthday, or just a reason to celebrate the beauty of winter, this Polar Bear Cake is a cute and fun way to liven up any party! Decorated with flaked coconut, this Polar Bear Cake makes a great winter treat served alongside a hot cup of cocoa. Use your favorite cake recipe to make this three-layer, or mix and match cake layers to reveal a colorful surprise once you cut into this treat! This cake is an easy project for beginning decorators.

Beautiful reading nook

elinochalva - Shoppingtokig mamma som älskar pyssel inredning och mode