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the amazing spider - man poster with three young men
"Peter Parker, drips. " Essential T-Shirt for Sale by SuperSpider
a young man sitting next to a woman in a blue shirt
a drawing of two people sitting next to each other, one holding a cat and the other laying down
a collage of halloween pictures with pumpkins and candy
I’m Hooked Now Shut Up
the same person talking on a cell phone and another man holding a telephone up to his ear
liza’s little fandoms
two people hugging each other while sitting down
• camby • chickabiddy *-* on Twitter
two people that are kissing each other
❖ Marvel: Imágenes de Ships ❖
a collage of photos with people and buildings in the background, including a rainbow flag
two tweets on twitter with one saying they do they really do
harleypeter rights!
People, Harry Potter, Harry
harleypeter rights!
the text is written in black and white to describe what people are talking or saying