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a hand holding up a piece of paper with writing on it that says correct order to teach phonics
a bulletin board with words written on it and sticky notes pinned to the wall that read sound made end before n - l
the y to i's rules are shown in purple and green, with an image of
Spelling rules: changing 'y' to 'i'
a poster with the words phonological awareness on it and an image of a piece of paper
someone is doing their homework with the text sharing the science of reading with parents
Science of Reading Information for Parents
the four types of text in different languages, including words and numbers that are used to describe
Phonics Intervention - Sarah's Teaching Snippets
Phonics Intervention
the five components of reading instruction are shown in this graphic above it's description
Phonemic Awareness in Pre-K and Kindergarten FREEBIES — Keeping My Kiddo Busy
Phonemic awareness is the number one predictor of whether a student will become a fluent reader. These lessons are aligned with the science of reading, and I'll walk you through all seven steps of teaching students how to: identify, isolate, compare, blend, segment and substitute phonemes within our oral language. Phonemic awareness is 100% auditory, this is NOT phonics! If children are struggling with phonics and learning how to read, this is your missing piece. Print FREE sample lessons.
the 6 early literacy skills for students to use in their writing and reading activities, including print
Early Literacy
Early literacy skills that a child develops between birth and school age. #literacy #earlyliteracy #earlychildhoodeducation #earlyintervention #speechtherapy