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two women sitting at a table talking to each other with the caption, we are much too young to be this old
a black and white photo with a quote on it that says being a woman is hard, you always want to buy something
Father Of 4 Daughters Refuses To Sugarcoat His Instagram Pics, Takes Internet By Storm
a woman talking on the phone in front of a pink background with black and white text
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More Memes – The Wonderful and Wacky World of One Single Mom
a cat laying on top of a couch with caption that reads i can't get out of bed this bed has accepted me as one of his own and if i leave now i might lose
33 Funny Cat Memes That Never Fail to Make Us LOL
a squirrel is sitting on top of a tree branch with its paw up to it's face
Pin by Ron Joyce Cirelli on Important thoughts on paper... in 2022 | Good morning funny pictures, Funny quotes, Good morning funny
an emu smiling with the caption i'm up, i'm up
Morning humor
Funny bird
an image of a cartoon character saying i would be unstoppable, if only i could just get started
an old woman with a cane and glasses saying respect us when we tell you something
Удобное местечко
an old phone with the words, my generation's first eye phone
a green stuffed animal laying on top of a bed next to a caption that reads, i'm not turning my clock back on sunday the last thing we need is an extra hour of 2020
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a woman looking at her reflection in the mirror
a cartoon character riding a bike with the words i decided to take an aerofics class, twisted, gyrated, and jumped up and down but, by the hour
an older woman holding a cane with the words you know you're getting older when you start to notice little gray hair in your children's hair
a wooden frame with a poem written in it
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a poem written in black and white with the words don't wash your hair in the shower
a hamster with sunglasses on its head holding a stick in it's mouth and the caption how my family walks past a sink full of dishes
two kangaroos sitting on the ground with one saying he still lives with his mom
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