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a cup filled with water sitting on top of a counter next to a phone screen
an orange ball with the words homemade snuffle ball in 10 easy steps on it
Homemade Snuffle Ball for Dogs: How to Make a Snuffle Ball in 10 Easy Steps!
how to make your pooch a diy rope toy
Fun Dog Rope Toy in 10 Easy Steps
If you have a dog, you know that those little rascals LOVE to chew on things. Bones, shoes, furniture... instead of letting them destroy more stuff, make them this DIY rope toy instead! These chew toys tend to go for as much as $10 in the store but in this project, you'll only be spending 25 cents! You can make as many as you want and even give them away as gifts to other pet owners in your life. If your dog destroys it then you can just make a new one! Smart, right?
step 3 how to make an edge of the ball with ruffles on it
Enrichment – DIY Snuffle Ball Tutorial – Florida Snowflakes
how to tie a dog's collar with ribbon
How to Make a Square Knot Dog Tug Toy — Create Laugh Grow
two pictures of a dog playing with some green leaves on the floor and in front of it
DIY Snuffle Mat: An Interactive Dog Toy That Busts Boredom
an easy no sew dog snuffle mat is the perfect addition to any diy project
DIY Dog Snuffle Mat - Easy No-Sew Project
many different pictures with the words 29 diy snuffle mat ideas can make easily
29 DIY Snuffle Mat Ideas You Can Make Easily
two pictures showing different types of toys on the floor and in front of each other
These brilliant life hacks make dog ownership easier than ever
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a dog's paw is shown in the shape of a shoe on top of a dresser