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an image of a swimming pool with caution signs
Can't really be trusted around wet floors.
several pictures of an old man with his eyes open and hands holding something in front of him
Craftaholics Anonymous® | 29 Funny Memes for Crafters
a cartoon depicting the birth of jesus as a child, and an adult with a thought bubble above it
100+ Hilarious Christian Memes to Brighten Your Day
a man is walking on the train tracks with his hand in the air and holding a frisbee
Zseniális mémek jönnek a havazás miatt lehalt vonatközlekedésről, de a BKV is kapja
two red and white chickens standing next to each other with the words water written on them
You know it's true!
two cartoon images with the same person throwing a ball at each other, one is trying to
25 fájdalmas szóvicc, amit csak a magyarok értenek - Elfogadom
two hands are holding small pieces of paper with red writing on the top and bottom
harry potter and ron aldo are talking to each other with speech bubbles above them
Az Isten áldjon meg, Ron!
two pictures with one showing thor and the other saying, this thor is no thor
Vicces képek, humoros fotók 84. oldal
a man holding a baseball bat in front of another man with money bags behind him
Fárasztó Faviccek
two men in white suits are painting the side of a building and one man is on a ladder
Retardáltak Klubbja