Violetka Milovníčka Mačiatok

Violetka Milovníčka Mačiatok

Violetka Milovníčka Mačiatok
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Found this dramatic picture of a team who clearly do not get along. Which of course makes me admire a guy who can drive like twenty of them down a road (cough,cough, Neil Dimmock). No horses were injured in this spat btw. (Man in the background is holding a microphone, this was at a pulling competition).

A draft horse fight in harness. Terrifying clash of the Titans! But look how calm the guy in the back is :)

Beautiful clipping jobs!! My horse is seal bay, so they wouldn't show up as well on her though

car sez: It is common to leave the winter coat on saddle area, but this goes from functional to wildly decorative. Very bling.

Huge draft working horse with such beautiful coloring. Pretty horse! Sagebrush Days Parade

Sagebrush Days Parade ◇ Now this Clydesdale could carry me all day and never know I was there - and I'm almost 6 feet tall!