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Lotus Mini Cheesecakes: Bite-Sized Bliss of Lotus Biscoff Delight! 🍪🍰✨
Indulge in the irresistible charm of Lotus Mini Cheesecakes! These adorable bite-sized treats feature a creamy cheesecake base infused with the delectable flavors of Lotus Biscoff. Topped with a crumbly Lotus Biscoff crust, each mini cheesecake is a perfect balance of smoothness and crunch. Get ready to experience a symphony of flavors in these delightful and elegant desserts! 😋💛 For the base : 200g of lotus 70g of butter (melted) For the cream : 250g of cream cheese ( i used Philadelphia) 200g of whipping cream 1 tsp of vanilla extract 70g of icing sugar 3 tbsp of lotus spread Whisk to stiff peaks (Freeze the cheescakes overnight) For the decoration: Lotus spread Whipped cream Lotus cookies